Ulcer – Heading Below – CD


Death Metal

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“Heading Below” is over 50 minutes tied in 9 songs of the highest quality old school death metal in the vein of Swedish classics.
Gut-ripping guitars, merciless drum assault and sepulchral vocals forged with spectacular catchiness and devastating sound make it one of the pretenders to the death metal album of the year.

D. – vocal (Blaze of PerditionOremus)
Angelfuck – vocal (Deivos)
Lucass – guitar (Abusiveness, Exmortum)
Mścisław – guitar (Abusiveness, Blaze of Perdition, Dira Mortis)
Szwed – bass (Deivos)
Vizun – drums (Abusiveness, Blaze of Perdition, Dira Mortis)

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Größe 12 x 12 cm