Kilte – Absence – MCD


Black Metal

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Kilte from Belgium stand for great mix of melancholic and depressive doom/black metal with gloomy atmospheres. This conceptual piece of art features a ten minute opus, and two re-recorded demo tracks, with a cleansed line-up and an improved sound. In 25 minutes, „Absence“ takes you into three different dimensions of complete melancholic and misanthropic emptiness. A devestating sound with one message: „The world’s true beauty lies within the darkness of our absence.“ During failures with the initial CD publishing the real master never saw the light of day, so now the real material is finaly available in the way it was supposed to be + 2 bonus demo tracks which show clearly how the band has evolved over time !

Zusätzliche Information

Gewicht 110 g
Größe 12 x 12 cm