Arphaxat – Loudun la Maudite – 12″ Gatefold LP


Black Metal

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The long awaited full-length album from the mighty ARPHAXAT now awaits! Truly Necro & Morbid Blasphemous hymns, NOT for open-minded idiots who have no idea what true primitive Black Metal is about! Consists of Shaxul (ex-HIRILORN, ex-founding DEATHSPELL OMEGA member, SABBAT (Jpn) session member, etc). and DRAKEN (ex-Putrefactor). „Loudun la Maudite“ forges even more holocaustic obscurity inspired by their majestic and mysterious myths of Pictavia. Those possessed by their 2003 demo tape easily know what to expect from this obscure album.

Zusätzliche Information

Gewicht 560 g
Größe 30 x 30 cm